vRealize Log Insight - vRLI · March 28, 2021 0

Enabling SSL for Thrift in vRealize Log Insight 8.3

To enable secure inter-node communication (SSL for Thrift), set the value of secure-rpc to true in the vRealize Log Insight configuration.

  1. Navigate to https://loginsight_address/internal/config in your Web browser, and check the Show all settings checkbox.

Note: Replace loginsight_address with the IP or FQDN of your vRealize Log Insight Primary node.

  1. Under the security section, set the value of secure-rpc to true.

Example: <secure-rpc value=”true” />

  1. Click Save.
  2. Reboot all nodes in the vRealize Log Insight cluster.

Note: You can preform a guest shutdown on all nodes in the vCenter UI or issue the reboot command to each node via console or SSH.