Considering IDP Proxy – Cloud Director 10.4.2

You can now configure VMware Cloud Director as an identity provider proxy server. You can register an OAuth 2.0 OpenID Connect compliant Identity Provider with VMware Cloud Director, and relying parties can use VMware Cloud Director for tenant-aware authentication of users known to VMware Cloud Director.

When integrating VMware Cloud Director (VCD) with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), there are two approaches you can take: using the Tenant-based approach or the IDP Proxy-based approach.

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ESXi Hardening : vSwitches Network Policy

Last week i was working with a customer on some of the security hardening pointers. They were concerned about vSwitches Network Policy.

Shared the following recommendation with them. Hope this is useful.

In VMware vSphere, vSwitches have two network policy settings called “MAC address changes” and “Forged transmits” that control the behavior of virtual machine (VM) network traffic. Let’s understand the implications of changing these settings from “Accept” to “Reject”:

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How to request EUC SOC2 Reports from VMware

To request SOC2 reports from VMware for their End-User Computing (EUC) services, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the VMware website: Go to the official VMware website at
  2. Navigate to the “Security” or “Compliance” section: Look for sections or links on the website that relate to security, compliance, or certifications. These sections typically provide information about VMware’s adherence to industry standards and regulations.
  3. Find information about SOC2 reports: Within the security or compliance section, search for information specifically related to SOC2 reports. Look for any documentation or resources that mention SOC2 compliance or provide details about VMware’s security and compliance practices.
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VMware Event Broker Appliance : VEBA

The VMware Event Broker Appliance Fling enables customers to unlock the hidden potential of events in their SDDC to easily create event-driven automation. The VMware Event Broker Appliance includes support for vCenter Server and VMware Horizon events as well as any valid CloudEvent through the native webhook event provider. Easily triggering custom or prebuilt actions to deliver powerful integrations within your datacenter across public cloud has never been more easier before. A detailed list of use cases and possibilities with VMware Event Broker Appliance.

Use Cases

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