VMware/Broadcom · May 5, 2024 0

Useful Links for VMware by Broadcom Day 2 Transition

May 6th, 2024, marks the conclusion of the “Day 2” transition, during which VMware’s backend system has been shifted to Broadcom’s backend system. However, it is anticipated that a few days may be required for all the newly integrated systems to stabilize, given the scale of this migration endeavor. Additionally, certain planned updates following Day 2 are still pending for certain web properties. Consequently, further updates may be observed towards the end of the week.

Given the significant alterations to numerous VMware web properties, including some being retired or maintained unchanged, I have been compiling a range of links that could be beneficial for customers, partners, and employees. I will consistently update this page as fresh or revised information becomes available, so it is advisable to bookmark it for staying informed.


Updated/New Websites:

Existing Websites (No Changes for now):