Cloud Director · November 25, 2022 0

IP Name Space : VMware Cloud Director 10.4.1

IP Name Space

In VMware Cloud Director 10.4.1, VMware has introduced an improved IP Address Management service in the form of IP Name Spaces. IP Name Spaces is a new construct intended to provide a structured approach to allocating Public and Private IP addresses across Organizations with a specific focus on the Provider T0 Gateway. VMware Cloud Director IP namespace is designed to simplify the allocation and consumption of IP ranges and prefixes by preventing overlapping IP addresses across Organizations or Organization VDCs.

IP Name Spaces adds tenant-level observability to the T0/VRF and, with that, the ability for the Service Provider to supply allocated Public IP addresses to each organization in the form of IP Prefixes (for networks) and IP Ranges for network services. The allocation of Public IP addresses is backed by Service Provider assigned quotas for each organization. The tenant can consume Public IP addresses for Provider T0/VRF interfaces until either the quota is reached or the supply has been exhausted. IP Names Spaces can be named by the Service Provider to indicate the geographic affinity of the Public IP prefixes (e.g. Public_West, Public_East) to guide the tenant in applying a given IP Name Space to a regional virtual data center.

Additionally, the tenant can use IP Name Spaces for private addressing. The tenant can create private IP names for use on Organization VDC networks. There are no quotas on private IP namespaces. IP Name Spaces will continue to evolve across future releases of VCD to further simplify the process of adding tenant Organizations to VCD by automating much of the configuration of T0/VRF.