EUC · December 25, 2022 0

Import and validate SSL certificates – VMware Horizon 8 2212

With the new certificate management feature, admins can import CA-signed certificates, generate certificate signing requests (CSRs), and monitor the health of the connection server certificate right from the Horizon console. We strongly recommend using CA-signed certificates in place of default self-signed certificates in Horizon. Now admins with certificate management privileges can validate and directly import certificates (in PFX or PEM format) into the certificate store on the connection server.

Fig 1a Certificate Management

Fig 1a Certificate Management

If you are in the process of obtaining a CA-signed certificate, you can now generate and download a CSR file from the Horizon console for your connection server instance. We have also added health monitoring for connection server certificates where admins can get specific information on certificate errors and security configurations, making it easier to troubleshoot certificate-related issues.

Generate CSR

Security Configurations